The Twin demons
The Twin demons first story stories

ailedeisjesus I am a weeb and I write storys and Im bi
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Katashi Maeda(next gen in Bhna) Izumuro mydoria (villian deku side ) first time writing this hopefully i did good you can also see the fanfic on google for Katashi Maeda (worth it)

The Twin demons

As Izuku looks side to side seeing on his right his younger brother Izumuro by one minute and his adopted older brother Katashi maeda "hey izuku dad wants to see you after school so

i'll pick you up" izumuro said as he pulls up at U.A "yea of course bro.

" izuku said as he gets out of the car slamming the door right behind him "see ya izumuro" katashi said walking away catching up with izuku ... once they get in class "hey guys.

"Izuku smiles making the whole room smile back at him "hey izuku."yea Katashi?"I need you to ask bro to buy more milk for me.

""okay sure katashi!"smiles at him making everyone looking at him melt from the cuteness

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