The Twin demons part 4
The Twin demons part 4  villians stories

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The Twin demons part 4

(they dropped off katashi at home) At the L.O.V base "whats up guys!" izuku says will running inside "deku-kun!" toga said excitedly "hey guys.

"Izumuro said "hey izuku, Izumuro" shigiraki and dabi said "were's dad?" " in his office.

" deku walks to his dads office, once deku gets to his afo office he opens the door and knocks on the door saying"dad?" before he turns the doornob he heard his father say " come in izuku.

" deku walks in the room and closes the door behind him."you needed me dad?" "ah yes, i need you to help me out with a plan.

" "of course dad!

" deku walks up to all for one and looks at his desk seeing a map of the city "were going to put the nomu's at places then shigiraki can come with the nomu's and distract the heroes will dabi

go in the back and start to burn them.

" "okay but have toga and shigi distracting the heroes because shigi is close range and toga can dress up as a hero and kill them will there then dabi will burn the body's"

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