The twin demons part 2
The twin demons part 2 anime stories

ailedeisjesus I am a weeb and I write storys and Im bi
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hope you like it (i try i try)

The twin demons part 2

"alright thank you izuku" katashi walks out of the classroom and Mr.Awizaw comes in the classroom ...

after class deku walks out of the classroom texting his brother Izumuro : hey bro can you get milk for katashi you know the milk he wants right?

: :yea i'll get him his milk now go back to school izuku: :okay bye : izuku turns off his phone turning right to go to the bathroom then his eye starts hurting izuku runs to

the bathroom mirror to find his eye turning red "f**k it wasn't suppose to happen today" then his eye starts to cry out blood deku rummages through his bag finding a pill bottle

almost empty "i'll ask izumro for more" deku takes out two pills and turns on the sink deku puts the pills in his mouth and hovers his hands above the water making it pour in his hands then

he drinks the pills and looks down at the sink seeing that blood had gotten on it he grabs paper towels and wipes it down throwing the paper towels in the trash can exiting the bathroom.

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