Umbrella storm stories

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Things can change for the worst of it.


Wearing the casual yellow raincoat and her mother’s rain boots, the little girl walked stomping her oversized rain boots into the muddy puddles making the brown water splash upward into the air.

In her hand was a brightly colored umbrella that made the pouring rain change between different colors.

The umbrella’s coloration of red, blue, and yellow shone the area greatly and changed the world for the little girl.

She giggled and laughed during her stomps, not caring about what was happening around her. Suddenly, without a warning, a huge black cloud floated above the girl’s colorful umbrella.

It stormed loudly and started firing lightning towards the colors.

The little girl started screaming in fear; the rain’s weight got heavier, giving the girl trouble to keep the umbrella above her.

All of a sudden, after one shot of lightning, black droplets of rain was released from the cloud. It fell onto one side of the umbrella’s color and turned it into pitch black.

It grew larger by the second, and the other black raindrops painted the ground around the girl black.

The girl began running — running out of fear of falling into the black void which would consume her light body.

Out of the terror, she dropped the umbrella which began growing in the color black. It fell roughly against the concrete of the sidewalk and laid there for eternity.

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