Cry myself to sleep
Cry myself to sleep broken trust stories
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aiden_ 17l Graffiti, Sk8ing, Writing
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Just a depressed poem. Am I all about depression or what?

Cry myself to sleep

Once I lay down it starts.

I try to think myself as not ripped into parts.

But i can't imagine how life'll be now

Since you left me, I try to smile, but the devil won't allow.

I try and fail because I failed to try

Now all I have is my in-sleep- cries

I can see the sadness, in my eyes.

But in your eyes? All I see is broken trust and lies.

You told me you loved me, and that was not true.

And I still laugh at "Knowing you"

I still cry myself to sleep.

Staring at the horizon, where no one knows how deep.

If I can cry, I can sleep,

But I can't, wishing your love was something i could keep,

And watching you walk with him,

His eyes grim.

Dear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Today, because of you, I again cried myself to sleep.

- Aiden

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