They Fall
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aidanmcqueen Community member
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A little something I have had on my mind for a while now. My first poem on this site, as well as first poem I have done on my own accord. Maybe this could become a new hobby. This poem is up to the reader to derive a meaning from it. No wrong answers ahahaha.

They Fall

Some have developed resistance to change,

Using mindsets far outdated,

Blind to new horizons,

Too afraid to wake up.

One by one, they fall.

Some have developed flawed understandings,

Twisted beyond recognition,

Rooted in lies and misinformation,

Finding difference in ice and water.

One by one, they fall.

Some have developed differential attitudes,

Unwilling to follow restrictions,

Losing sight of who cares, and what they aspire,

In favour of who to oppose, and what to despise.

One by one, they fall.

Some have developed kindness,

Raising others above themselves,

A guiding star in the night sky,

Leading others to bliss,

Forgetting themselves somewhere along the way.

One by one, they fall.

Those who stand above the trees,

Those who scrape the bottom of the barrel,

Those who exist to build walls,

Those who exist to tear them down,

Those who shape the world to a better tomorrow,

And those who wish to twist it into an unrecognizable shape,

One by one, we all fall.

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