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aichatou12 Community member
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A simple piece written about the feelings that arise when you meet that certain someone.


The things I couldn't say to others I've said to you

The things others said that were turnoffs became reasons for me to love you more

I wouldn't say I know what love is

But if I'm asked to define it

I would say that it's the way you make me feel

The way I smile at the thought of you

The openness I feel with you

Like I can be myself and not hold back to impress you

Like not having to try hard to impress you

I've felt butterflies in my stomach before you came along

But what you make me feel is all in the heart

Like the way my heartbeat changes when I talk to you

Or the way it's beating right now as I write these words

Or the way it stops for a moment

Each time you make me feel loved

It feels great to be loved by someone

But it certainly feels ten times greater to be loved by someone whom you love as well

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