The Ultimate Guide to Ace Your UCAS Interview

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An Unique Guide to UCAS Interview Questions


The Ultimate Guide to Ace Your UCAS Interview

University interviews can be overwhelming, especially if you have never had a formal interview before.

If you have been invited for interview at one or more of the universities to which you have applied, do not panic, this is your chance to shine.

It is the mark of an outstanding application to be invited to attend an interview, but you will be competing against other strong candidates, so it is important to prepare well.

We have prepared the ultimate guide for you to ace your UCAS interview.

Practice Common Questions

Try to prepare answers to common questions before appearing for your interview.

Most universities would want to know why do you want to study your chosen subject, and why would you like to go to this university.

Make sure to prepare and have polished and memorized the answers to these questions.

They will ask you, among other things, about your reasons for choosing to study that particular subject to make sure you are aware of what the course entails and what the job choices are.

They will also test your ability to relate and deal with stress.

Interviewers would expect you to display some understanding of the course and university and to be able to present your thoughts and arguments well.

The interviewers may even purposely throw out a controversial opinion to start a debate. Don't hesitate to disagree with them but keep the discussion as a polite debate.

Always be prepared to explain or offer evidence for your argument.

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