Arranging to Meet
Arranging to Meet mystery stories
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Chapter 1 - The Past I started off from my small house, for my early morning run to work, in a average sized town not realizing my worst nightmares and my biggest fantasies where all about to become a reality.

Arranging to Meet

Chapter 1 - The Past

I started off from my small house, for my early morning run to work, in a average sized town not realizing my worst nightmares and my biggest fantasies where all about to become a reality.

I was for the most part just an average 19 year old, I liked standard size poodles and bred them.

The other half of the time I worked at a tailor shop adjusting designer clothes to fit, usually wedding dresses or suits.

I had a pretty secure life, living on my own with just me and my pet poodle, big red Cliffette.

I made my way into the tailors shop.

"Hi mom!" oh did I mention my mom runs the place?

"Hi, dear they need some help over there on the corner.

Do u mind going over there?" I nodded and darted toward a tall older blonde girl admiring a wedding dress and a few other girls giggling and gabbing at her.

She seemed to not hear them, looking at herself in the mirror in a concentrating stare.

" Um... look if you just took it in a little right here.. and" I popped a few pins in place. " There you go!"

She looked up in amazement " How did you do that? It's perfect now! She gave a large gasp to the mirror at herself then twirled back to me and grinned.

" Would you mind trying it on for me now? I need to get a different angle and hey, we're about the same size." she said with half a beaming smile.

" Um" I said blushing softly " Okay Sure!"

I walking into the back and put the silky gown over my head getting caught half way in the dress my mom ran up behind me and fixed it.

"There you go sweetie." my mom said and walked off in a huff

I walked out all the girls that where surrounding the tall blonde jumped up with jaws dropping as I walked out.

OLE-object "This is definitely the one Dianna!" said one of the girls to the tall blonde girl.

"It is beautiful! Thank you so much for the changes - what was the name?"she asked slightly confused

" Kathrine" I said shyly

"Well, Kathrine call me at this number and well have lunch on Saturday if you don't have any plans that is?' she said with a touch of curiosity.

"of course I'll come, sounds fun!" I said letting my inter-Extrovert pop out.

Mostly it was just the chance to (maybe if I was lucky) get me somewhere in the my career, or maybe it was just two girls making friends.

" Okay see you then!" she turned around and began talking with her friends again.

I walked off to the back and my mom, Ruby, started shutting down the shop for the day.

When she had finished up she made her way over to me in the back and pulled out some saved dinner from a fridge in the back room.

"mm, Mom this casserole is Delicious! I must have your recipe!"

"yes and you can make it for your own family! Awe my dear you looked so beautiful in that gown today, I nearly broke down in tears in-front of all the customers.

" she said, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

"oh-oh, mom it's okay!"

" I know dear it's just, I've been waiting for the right time, but ooh it never came dear so, I think I should just come right out and tell you now.

It's just seeing you in that gown, well it makes me feel like your all grown up." she began heavily-sobbing.

" What on earth are you talking about mom?" I asked puzzled

" Deary I'm not your real mother. But I always loved you like one. Don't be to upset with me."

"Mom that's just crazy how could you not be my real mother?" I was trying to decide if I should run away or actually believe what she was saying no matter how bizarre it felt.

"Sweetie, along time ago, when I was a lot younger then now I fell in love with the most handsome man I had ever seen, your father.

Now at that time he wanted nothing to do with me but I was fairly determined to be his, he was so smart and nice,

he was perfect but once I got through to him I realize he had a beautiful baby girl. You my dear. The moment I saw you I knew it was destiny and that was were I belonged.

For along time everything was normal and he loved me, he came home to me and we would talk and laugh, but he would never talk about your real mother, it was to hard for him.

Soon I gave up asking and things seemed perfect, I was your mother and he was your father.

Then one day he left to work kissing me on the way out the door and said "my sweet if anyone,

anyone comes by the house tonight and I'm not home you are to go get the gun out of my closet and use it if necessary." this concerned me dearly and I couldn't relax at all that day.

Every muscle in my body hurt. No one ever showed up that night. Not even your father my dear. And when I went to find him no one knew who I was talking about."

my mother sobbed and I held her in my arms. Mom had never talked about my father before, and now that she had I almost wished I hadn't known.

The rest of the night seemed dark and full of spooks. I stayed with my mom at the shop that night, after how she had broken down before I didn't dare leave her alone.

Mom walked into the room (I was staying in) and set a few items on my bed.

" Dear these are the things your father left you, he told me to never look inside and never give it to anyone besides you.

I love you very much sweetie and I hope this doesn't change things between us."

" Oh Mom! You have taught me almost everything I know you are my true mother, you have done so much for me this could never change anything between us!

" she hugged me tight and left the room leaving just me and Cliffette in the room alone.

I began to open that mysterious package my father left for me, I wonder what he was like anyways, what type of a man was he that he would tell my mother something like that?

And keep those secrets?

In the package was a pocket knife, a picture of him and my real mother, they were really very beautiful, also it had a golden watch, a wad of money, and a letter!

I tore open the envelope carefully to see what was inside. It read:


The only reason you are getting this letter is

because I can't be with you right now. I want you

to know you are most precious to me. Me being

with you can only put you in danger. I will

always be watching over you my sweet. Tell

your mother I love her. Keep these items with

you at all times they may prove useful. I love

you much.

Love always,


What did this all mean why did he call me Anne? Suddenly my thoughts drifted away.

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