Melody Of The Divine Silence
Melody Of The Divine Silence depression stories

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The standalone sequel to the Vitriol Symphony trilogy

Melody Of The Divine Silence

Winds of Aeolus, glazed in despair,

A divine impulse of pain,

Haunted by the reality I cannot repair.

I found the love of my life, you kept searching however,

Made me keep my words, as I promised to wait forever.

Diseased in ordeal, my spirit fades,

Is there a remedy or is there none?

Everything is gone, yet the pain carries on.

Your whispers echo through the halls

Losing sanity, I fight to forget.

Clutching my hair, the voices don't stop,

I'm caged, rotting within these empty walls.

I want to live, who is there to teach?

Arms of relief, still far away from reach!

Tales of a thousand misery

Dating back to every dire memory.

Suffocating, the drugs no longer ease

I hide a pain, only my reflection sees.

They tell me to move on and stop dreaming.

They think I'm crazy, But they don't know the feeling!

The piece I'm missing, kills me within,

Have I anyone? Or is it another trick?

Will anyone bring me flowers,

When my clocks stops to tick?

In God, I never believed but now I'm down to my knees

Sorrowing, I wish to live

A life where darkness never came

Where you were something,

Something more than just a picture in the frame.

Despaired in narcotics,

Alas, I deem to open the locker,

Lost in thoughts, I gaze at the revolver.

A final sip of the wine, I aimed up temple.

5 turns of life, and 1 turn of freedom.

Avenge my lord, shame we had to meet so late

On a wheel of fortune, playing the game of fate.

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