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Definition of how ordinary objects can change our lives.

A Story

I was thinking...

What is a story?

And the answer is very simple yet so hard to understand.

To make a story you just need one object and to start observing,

when you give all the attention to that one object you are thinking and then you are actually creating a story for that specific object.

For example, look at the cup of tea or coffee on your right side of your computer on your desk, is it round? Probably. Does it have a little hooked handle? Most likely.

You see, now you are thinking about the cup and it's story. The journey of the cup from the porcelain fabrics to the warmth of your home.

Do you remember buying it? You definitely do, we are always happy when we are buying things like cups and others tiny stuffs.

So now tell me, does your favorite cup describes you? Does it have some special meaning? A story maybe? The reason why is that your favorite one? Of course it does.

For example, my favorite cup is with Snoopy and Woodstock, this is the cup my mother bought me after fighting the poverty for years, this cup means that we are okay now,

that we have enough resources to live a normal life. This cup is a reminder that I can handle everything. There are too many obstacles that I need to pass. But hey I have a cup. I have a proof.

Times are difficult right now, but I am not giving up. I've cared for my cup for years, it's kind of my best friend now. It's always there.

So how does it feel to hear a story about some ordinary object that changes lives? It sound unreal, am I right? And after reading this, do you understand what is actually a story?

Well if you do, then please tell me your story.

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