Don't fall in love with a writer
Don't fall in love with a writer stories
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This is your warning..

Don't fall in love with a writer

by Ahna

Do not fall in love with me... if you do I will love you harder. I will remember every inch of your body, from the mole below your belly button to the freckle on the left side of your neck.

I will write about the way it felt to trace my fingertips across your skin, down your stomach and up your thigh.

I will write about your lips and how perfectly shaped they were and the they felt pressed against mine. The warmth of each kiss. I will write about your playful grin and how it made me feel sane.

You'd look at me with those hazel eyes, and in that moment I'd loose control. It'd pull me in deeper every time.

I will watch each motion you make and write about how each movement moved so delicately, like you have never been hurt.

I would write about how your voice calmed every storm, and how it sounded when you said my name. I would write about the way you left, and how you dragged my heart with you.

So do not fall for a writer, because the pain and love in my words will never die.

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