My Curse
My Curse too late stories

ahmadh A writer in my sparetime.
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I don't know what I'm doing. I just know that it's wrong.

My Curse

I have a problem

Though I work hours on end

Earning more than I thought possible

Everything is spent on my addiction

I fuel a lust, just trying to feel happy

Afterwards I feel worse

Still I continue, hoping to feel better

But I feel worse and worse

Digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole

I'm drowning in my own mistakes

Every day I rationalize my actions

Making schedules, graphs, utilizing logic

It all makes sense

Then when the time comes

It all falls apart

I don't know where I will go

I don't know what I will do

All I know is that my time will come

A time when everything catches up to me

Only then will I finally know something

That it's too late

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