Lost Memories
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ahmadh A writer in my sparetime.
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Reminiscing about what you cannot remember.

Lost Memories

Searching for that bittersweet melody

An endless pursuit of pure perfection

Distilled melancholic ecstasy

Music capable of resurrection

Everyday, searching for that song

It eludes me to this day

My resolution used to be strong

As the days go by, I hesitate to stay

What is this song I have been searching for?

This accursed unheard of symphony

Unable to remember the tenor

Just the happiness it brought me

I try to find something else to fill the void

The melody faintly echoing in my brain

Trying to figure out the words, my mind devoid

The song fading away like a coffee-stain

Who am I, what even constitutes as me?

So obsessed with a melody I cannot recognize

Is there something I have left to see?

Or will finding this song be my demise?

Abandoning everything I loved, searching for the song

So desperate to feel that emotion again

The time since I heard it, so very long

Chasing the lyrics, a tiring errand

But still I go, trying to replicate this accursed rhythm

Failing each and every day

My psyche forming numerous schisms

My sanity slowly fading away

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