Adjoined circle stories

ahmadh A writer in my sparetime.
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A little late, but I still want to share it (read the rest after reading the poem).

Essentially, the poem romanticizes two points which meet, their past creating a circle. Their friends (other shapes) tell them to stop and then leave


Single line, bent beyond recognition

Once apart, two points meet

They date, under only one condition

Leave their past behind them on their retreats

On the outside their passion is why they stay

Never leaving their partner's care

Inside their love is hollow, both too afraid

Hurt from past relationships, too much to bear

Their friends say that they should split, move far away

You're both too damaged! Is what they say

I love her, I love him, our love is here to stay

Sighing friends leave, convinced the couple is astray

Our love is eternal, he proclaims

Eternal? She ponders, vulnerably

She leaves him, from love she must abstain

He begs her to stay, though she still departs

The points separate, the two heartbroken

One confused, the other conflicted

The man regrets the words spoken

The woman regrets her heart so constricted

The ring he bought is sold

Melted down into pure gold

Those points now gone

The line once again moving along

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