A Dream Unfulfilled
A Dream Unfulfilled love stories

ahmadh A writer in my sparetime.
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After reading the book Norwegian Wood, I became inspired to write about a girl I used to love.

A Dream Unfulfilled

Her almond colored eyes

Her beautiful smile, I cannot summarize

I loved her so, I loved her so

But in the end I let her go

She and I were two sides of a coin

Completely different, yet together adjoined

Unable to ever see each other, yet so very close

One side glistening, the other side gross

Both of us in love, her in love with another

I listened to her qualms, often times about her other

Eventually I lost it, confessed my love in tears

How much I loved her after all of these years

Weeks it took her to give me a reply

A psychiatric hospital I went to in the meantime

She told me kindly that she didn't feel the same way

Another lover she accepted the same day

Into a deep depression I fell

Knowing now how it feels to walk through hell

With the passing of time, the depression faded

We became friends again, relationship no longer jaded

Suddenly she left, tearing out my heart

Depression returning, though I allowed her to depart

I had spent too much time chasing that which could never be caught

A dog chasing its tail, it so desperately sought

She tried coming back to me a year later

Apologies here and there, about how well I used to treat her

How she left me on the back burner, how sorry she felt

I denied her, rejecting the cards which she dealt

We haven't spoken since, though her almond eyes haunt me still

I hope someday to find another but I doubt I ever will

Love that could have been, emotion in my heart distilled

A clean coin, both sides facing each other, a dream unfulfilled

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