A Written Future Behind A Mysterious Nightmare
     A Written Future Behind 
     A Mysterious Nightmare mystery stories

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Ever wondered what is your dream trying to tell you about your future?

A Written Future Behind A Mysterious Nightmare

It was dark… Darker than black: almost as if all light had been sucked out of the damned world...

I was there, motionless, yet standing in the vast sea of emptiness, I felt as if I was haunted by it all: my past, my present, and my future.

When looking around a little more, I realized that there was one spot that was not as dark as everywhere else. The only source of light was the torn-up moon that seemed to be a mere reflection of the real thing.

In front of me, stood a mirror. It had no frame, no nothing surrounding it: all there was a piece of glass suspended in the darkness like I was. My eyes fear-filled yet strong. And in the back … I could see it

An owl that was almost as dark as the night but its eyes were glowing.

The scent of death crept into my nostrils. But it did not fill me with as much disgust as one would have thought: I was already long used to the stench. It was almost welcome: something familiar flickering in the nightmare that I have never been to before…

For just a moment I let my eyes flutter shut and willed my heart to stop beating. And yet, I kept on breathing, my body would not shut down. I was there, floating, knowing fully well that I would never truly escape.

The owl kept staring at me. And for or a long time, it did not move, not even after I let my eyes fall shut for a few moments, wondering if that would make it go away. But it did not: it seemed as if the damned bird was as much as a prisoner as I was.

we were both trapped and neither of us had escaping written in our fates… It made sense: I had long lost my peace of mind and well, could a creature that was often referred to as the bringer of death ever slip away from the thoughts of the dying?

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