The Lonely Star
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aheroinhiding Secretly kind and obviously secretive
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Just a touch long but worth it I promise

The Lonely Star

When we stare at the stars they seem so far away

The distance, the time, the words we seek but can't say

Though great in power, strength and might

One star needs you and dreams of you when he shines at night

Surrounded by beauty and splendor in a vast sky

This star dims his light and defeated he refuses to try

Some battles are lost before they ever begin

Not lacking the will or fervent passion necessary to win

While a cloud of dust is all we ever are

From where I stand it is not me but you who burns bright from afar

Never lost or left undistinguished from the rest

Your stare inspires and your gaze steals me from the grips of death

Though distance and time may keep us worlds apart

You left your lasting mark from the very start

Not quick to forget or fickle enough to kneel

Remembering is painful and standing means forgetting what I feel

A forbidden love rests in two broken hearts

An eternal one burns to illuminate a planet lost in the dark

We are here for a moment and happy for even less

But I would give my life for those moments without even a second guess

I leave you now though wishing it all wasn't true

My goodbyes merely nightmares in the panic of leaving you

If ever you doubted that stars could cry like you do

Look up to the skies and watch as tears stream despite not wanting them to

You will fly above mountains and dance with the wind

Leave me speechless with your success and ecstasy that crawls through my skin

In time I hope my words will fade and my memory will cease to exist

But you will always be the part of me I wish I never had to miss

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