You and I
You and I poetry stories

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Our eyes met, and fate smiled at her success.

You and I

Eyes glance, Heart beat.

My eyes get mesmerized with your every sway, Irrespective of the path you chose to walk away.

Temptations remains, Life works fair.

Every beat of my heart pushes me towards you, Hoping with faith that you will remove my stingful woe.

Hairs ruffled, Hands play.

You let your hands run through my hair, Making me dizzy with the love in the air.

Darkness screams Light speaks.

In the dark, it is only you and I, Moulding our hands in a perfect puzzle, ignoring the demons cry.

Live blessed, Protect our bliss.

Every morning, I look at your oceanic crystal eyes as a blessing, Protecting our hearts from breaking.

You and I Fall in love.

What more can I say when you and I

Live and love, Fall and fly,

Painting each others life brightly, While the world lives in their monochromatic world.

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