Fate's Imperfections
Fate's Imperfections poetry stories

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In this war, shall we walk hand in hand?

Fate's Imperfections

The rest of the world,

wanders around me

while I trust your word

of helping me grow out of my dream.

Our hue of trust radiates

in contrast with the black and white world.

As misery awaits,

I stay protected in our world.

Let your flaws echo around

for you have my word with no-fault

that you will be safe from the melancholic world.

We can be as loud as we want.

Hold me

Like the moon holds on to its tide,

As my waves of anguish crash against each other,

Even while the ocean is wide.

I know you're there

Hence, I let myself drown deep and deep.

Even if fate keeps you further

And away from me, I won't weep

Because I know you're there with me,

always and forever.

I know that our connected hands

aroused a sense of

hatred to the world

but I don't think our souls can let our love stay ruins

for I still believe in your word.

Darkness creeps upon my eyes

as the crowd cheers

But I know you await for me as I leave behind my woes.

My soul cheers with the crowd rather than cowering in fear.

I fall asleep in the serene waters

For you will await for me, won't you?

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