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A heavenly hell...

Today, as he sat in his cabin, playing with some round stones and a bark of a tree, he heard someone's footsteps. He was horrified and shocked.

It was a desert island, him being the only living creature on it.

It was comical that it had been five years since the day he came here, yet he did not even remember how he ended up on this mysterious island.

The last thing he remembered of the day before coming to this island was his parents' funeral. It was as if he died that day and woke up, confined in this bizarre heaven.

Heaven where the fruits were bitter yet tasted like mangoes. Heaven where there were orchids that bloomed throughout the year.

Heaven where he never dehydrated, though lakes and ocean had just saltwater in them. Heaven where a person who hated rain danced under saline water rainfall.

There was a beautiful cabin on that island with a cozy bed, a small window, and a wooden door, yet there was no sign of life on this island. Yes, it was bizarre heaven.

Still, he never questioned these phenomena.

He, with his trembling hands, grabbed a log of wood, laying on the floor of his cabin, and stealthily crept towards his cabin's door. At that moment, he heard a knock on his door.

It was a polite knock as if someone wanted him to come out to talk. But who could it be on this island?

Initially, when he mysteriously appeared on this island, he had no idea why he was there. He used to roam around on the island, exploring its peculiar nature and maybe a way out of it.

But to reduce the boredom, he used to dive into those lakes, climb the tallest trees, and dance when it rained. Soon, his hair grew long enough that he could tie a shabby bun like Lord shiva.

His beard became shaggy. His face became pale, and he got thin. The things he had there to eat were those heavenly fruits.

Eventually, he gave up and submitted to this fact that he could never leave this bizarre heaven or what he now realized was a real Hell.

But today, redemption itself was knocking at his doors. In five years, this was the first time that he was going to see someone. Maybe a key to escape this island.

Or the satan himself who trapped him here. As he opened the door, in the mist, he saw a shadow. A shadow was of a man having a similar body build.

Now he was sure that it was satan, and he threw the log at that shadow with all the strength he could gather.

It went through the shadow and hit the door architrave. The boy screamed with horror," Who are you?"

"Finally, I was able to penetrate your maturity.", said the shadow.

"Maturity...!" he exclaimed in shock.

"Yes...the prison you've been trapped in for five years", said the shadow. " Prison of your maturity."

"The day after your parents' funeral, your maturity took over your emotions and locked you up inside this prison.

A prison where fruits are bitter as the real world is, but they are served as the sweetest ones.

Where orchid blooms throughout the year as your maturity tells you every situation in your life is fine.

Where you drink saline water as your maturity teaches you to survive on the tears you shed. The tears that filled the oceans and lakes.

Tears that fell on you like raindrops, and you dance under it as your maturity teaches you to do so."

The boy fell on the ground as his body starts to go numb on listening to this. He moans painfully, " Mom... Dad...

, It's been five years since that day, yet there was not a single day when I thought about you. "

He looked up to the shadow as the mist started to clear. In his shaky voice, he asked, " Who are you? "

" I am someone who maintains the balance between your maturity and your emotions. I am someone who teaches you to be mature enough to handle situations and emotional enough to be human.

I am your consciousness... "

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