Twisted Fairytale
Twisted Fairytale  princess stories

agonzalez2 HMS ❤️🩺🥼 | Grey’s Anatomy ❤️
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A short poem on having grit, and not giving up. You can always achieve your goals!

Twisted Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a princess, No, no, no! We won’t start it like this, we won’t talk about her beauty and her dress,

We won’t talk about her golden locks and her crown, Not about her prince, and her gown,

For this time it’s different, For this princess, didn’t want a journey, she just wanted to end the torment,

She wasn’t the fairest in the land, she didn’t have a prince of her own, and she didn’t have loyal subjects, Why, this story is far-more complex,

For the princess wasn’t the most popular, or the prettiest, or even had many friends, But she knew where she could make amends,

The princess was focused on her goal, And she wouldn’t be shut down, by some tyrant wanting to take control,

The princess believed in herself, and achieved the impossible. She had made it, She had made it in, and found her prince while doing so...all thanks to her witty attitude, grit, and her strength that wouldn’t bring her to quit.

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