House of Horrors (Part 1)
House of Horrors (Part 1) haunted stories
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A short story about scary happenings revolving around an old abandoned house.

House of Horrors (Part 1)

It was a cold day in October. Megan and Matthew were walking down the old cobblestone road, just as they had always done.

Suddenly, their best friends Alyssa, John, and Rose approached them, looking as if they had seen a ghost.

Megan ran over to Rose, who looked as if she had been crying for hours and asked what was wrong. Rose drew a long breath in and looked Megan straight in the eyes. "It's the old Wilson house...

" Megan was puzzled, "That place has been abandoned for years, hasn't it?" Alyssa walked over slowly, trembling and explained how John had heard a small child's scream from inside the residence.

When John and Rose went inside, neither of them had spoken until they had been 4 blocks from the house. Suddenly, Megan found herself running to the Wilson residence.

She didn't quite know why, but she knew she had to. She heard her friends yelling for her to come back, but that only made her run faster.

Suddenly, she came to a halt as the Wilson house came into view. Matthew caught up and put his hand on her shoulder. However, Megan wouldn't stop staring at the house.

As the rest of her friends caught up, she said "We have to go in. What if someone is in trouble.

" Rose stares at her with her jaw dropping "ARE YOU CRAZY?? WHAT IF WE ARE THE ONES IN TROUBLE AFTER WE GO IN??" Megan calmly said "Who's in" while still staring at the house.

Matthew took her hand, and they walked in while the others followed.

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