Garden of Roses
Garden of Roses love stories

agonzalez2 HMS ❤️🩺🥼 | Grey’s Anatomy ❤️
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A romance that began in a rose garden soon becomes much more...

Garden of Roses

As your hand held mine, and we began to walk, As you held your breath, in a bit of a shock,

As you looked into my eyes, Into the midsts of my disguise,

As your lips met mine, As the stars would twinkle and shine,

I’m the garden of roses, not too long ago, The frosty wonderland covered by snow,

It’s where you met me, hand in hand, Where we were left to escape from our quicksand,

As you told me you loved me under the stars in the sky, Alone together, not a thought of being shy,

In the garden of roses that one single night, That night where it was finally possible that something could go right.

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