The Good Side (Wonderful Man)
The Good Side (Wonderful Man)  sad stories

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Someone sick and tired of being loved by someone who cares about them- which is definitely something deranged to him. A journey of self doubt while questioning if he is deserving of love.

The Good Side (Wonderful Man)

You were the good side of us,

Wonder of a man.

But that does make me wonder,

What and who else do I have -- except a wonderful Man, a perfect wonder at everything?

What makes me wonder about you, wonderful Man, is what I am; what do you see in my life that most call a scam?

What are you good for besides being a wonderful Man?

I cannot hurt you, for your charms deserve better than this wonderful sham,

Oh, dear wonderful Man,

You listen to my rambles, pick me up from shambles-

What you don't realise is that this heart crumbles at the sight of your love, the one he doesn't deserve.

I got the good side of you, what if the monster lies beneath?

What if you, wonderful Man, think I am not wonderful enough for your plans?

What if I walk away at the sight of the wedding wreath because, wonderful Man, what if I am the monster underneath?

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