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Bucky's sad and Sam comforts him:,)


Bucky entered the bathroom and locked the door with his shaking hands. He sunk to the ground, his hands drifting to his head while he brought his knees up to his face.

A shaky sob came out and he held his mouth. His breath picked up and he felt his chest tightening. He tried to remember what his therapist told him to do but his brain was too jumbled.

Sam entered the apartment "Bucky? Baby? I brought food!". He took off his shoes and raised an eyebrow when Bucky didn't answer. "Weird... he didn't tell me he was leaving...".

He set the food down and walked throughout the apartment "Bucky? Are you here?". He entered the bedroom and heard Bucky's heavy breathing, he ran to the door and grabbed the doorknob.

When it wouldn't open, he knocked on the door "Buck! Let me in, please!"

There was no response and Sam panicked, he knocked again, more frantically this time. No answer again. He could hear Bucky's silent sobs and those hurt him more than anything.

He backed away from the door and took a deep breath, looking around the room for something small enough to pick the lock with.

He found two small paper clips and grabbed them, bringing them to the door and inserting them into the lock. Once the door was open, he crouched down and set a hand on Bucky's shoulder "Buck?"

Bucky looked up at him "Sam?"

Sam felt his heart shatter when he saw Bucky's tear stained face and his red eyes. He gave the other a small, empathetic smile "I'm here, it's okay"

Bucky looked at the ground "I-I'm sorry..."

Sam wrapped his arms around the other man, who accepted it immediately. He gave him a light peck on the head "It's okay, there's nothing to be sorry about".

Bucky nodded and Sam pulled away and looked at Bucky's face "I brought food. If you want, we can have dinner together and watch a movie"

Bucky smiled slightly and Sam's smile grew bigger. Bucky nodded and Sam stood up, holding a hand out to his boyfriend who gladly took it.

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