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agarc175 posting some work i made during college
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nostalgia mixed with not-so-sweet memories and emotions in my life that I have never disclosed to anyone

Plastic Memories

I forget about old times so easily.

I forget about innocence and scraped knees on the sidewalk.

I forget about holding hands softly in the shade of trees.

I forget about the big fuss I made over losing my favorite plastic bracelet.

I forget the pain I felt after getting my first bee sting.

I forget the fear of falling off every roller coaster I was forced to go on.

I forget about spending Christmas alone with my two siblings because otherwise, we would not be able to spend it warmly.

I forget about coming home from school and going straight to bed for 7 hours in order to wake up in the middle of the night alone.

I forget about being scared to wake up and go to school because I knew my friends were not going to be there.

I forget about the anger I felt when my plans would be ruined because I had to babysit

every weekend.

I forget about my first heartbreak and the hole it threw me down when I needed myself the most.

I forget the piles and piles of dreams I wasted on someone who was bound to drift from my life because of our age.

I forget the shock I was in when I almost greeted death himself, I am so happy I am able

to forget...

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