Would have The Death Series, Part 1
Would have

The Death Series, Part 1 series stories

agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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In which a girl had a conversation with Death himself.

Would have The Death Series, Part 1

by agapik9

The cold wind blew through my hair...

But miraculously it didn't send shivers down my spine.

It was dark, but it didn't bother me.

I was never afraid of darkness. Instead I found comfort in it.

It was something I loved during my earlier days.

It was something that provided me with safety, a shoulder to cry on when I got older.


Why do I talk in past tense?


That's weird.

Something shuffles behind me, and I turn around.

This is the first time I am afraid of darkness.

There are no monsters hiding here except for me.


I hear a voice, and the darkness fades away to a grey.

A beautiful grey that reveals a tall and slender figure clad in black before me.

"Who are you?" I ask timidly.

"I am Death." He answers.

My eyes widen.

"So...I'm dead?"

"Yes you are. Now I'm here to pass on judgement."

"I see..." I answer and try to stop my trembling hands from sweating.

"So, Emilia." He starts.

"My name is Emilia?" I smile. I have a nice name... Or more like I had. But does dying mean I lose my sense of identity?

"How did I die?" I ask.

"We will get there, don't rush." He answers and takes a deep breath.

"So, Emilia. Let's talk about your 'would have been'".

"My...Would have been?"

"Yes, please do not interrupt me. Any questions later."

"You would have been a doctor, your lifelong dream."

"You would have married a man madly in love with you."

"You would have given birth to a healthy baby boy."

"You would have found a cure to cancer."

"You would have died happily."

"But...?" I ask, tears welling up in my eyes.

"But... You chose to commit suicide because of your abusive parents. You chose to die."

"You chose me, Emilia."

Tears escaped my eyes.

"How did I kill myself...?"

"Do you really want to know?" He asked me and walked me to a large white door.

"Yes." I gulp.

"You threw yourself to the water from a bridge. Now any other questions? I need to send you to your destination, your time's almost up." He said.

"Yeah... Just one more... What's your name?"

I smile, not showing any sign of fear about my next destination.

"I told you, I'm Death." He answers.

"I mean your real name." I cackle. and open the door.

He smiles for the first time. "I'm Kai."

"See you, Kai. God of Destruction." I close the door behind me.

The last thing I see are tears escaping his eyes.

It was the first time one had asked about his name, and understood the meaning.

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