The stars are still there
The stars are still there sad stories

agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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He was gone, but they weren't

The stars are still there

There was nothing but darkness, nothing to illuminate our way.

Our long way would have to come to an end soon, but I didn't want that...

The silent wind whispered so many words to me, so many untold stories, I lost count.

It was so cold, and I am not referring to the chilling atmosphere.

The cold stilness of it all, made shivers cascade down my spine.

Everything was the same. Giant tombstones extended forever, the names engraved on them numb for eternity.

We walked silently to the one on the far back, where the cemetery gave way to the many tall trees of the giant forest.

The birds that had nested on the trees were not chirping, they were crying.

We didn't look at the tombstone at first; I guess it was too much for both of us.

The sound of dreams echoed around us, the sound of dreams that were crushed.

I inched closer to the large stone and kneeled beside it.

There was no fire to illuminate it. Everything was dark.

There were no stars up on the sky, there were only giant clouds obscuring everything.

The sight of the sky, that pitiful, mourning sky resembled my heart.

My shattered heart that had no other desire but to die along with him.

The wind danced with my unevenly cut hair; I had adopted the habit of pulling into them until strands detached themselves from my scalp.

My long black dress circled around my ankles that were just a bit swollen.

I finally gathered the courage and looked at the tombstone and the name engraved on it; 'Antony White'.

Silent tears started to stream down my cheeks and inaudible screams escaped my lips.

I was hurt, I was broken... We were alone.

The bump of my tummy became evident once I placed my hands on top of it.

"You are sad as well, aren't you? That grandpa is dead?" I whispered and broke into another fit of tears.

We needed him back... We had nobody else... No one.

It is a long story... One I hate to narrate. How I got raped and hit and pregnant at only 17.

And how my father was the only one that cared...

But... Even though I have no one now, I know... I know what I want.

I will give birth to this baby and make it happy, even if it is only me there for him.

But... Is it really only me there?

I looked up at the sky and smiled.

"The stars are still there, my sweet Antony..." I whispered.

"The stars are still there."

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