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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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I'm still here, so please don't cry.

Still here

by agapik9

I'm still here.

In this twisted, temporary world between life and death.

I'm here for you.

Don't cry. Don't scream.

Don't try to kill yourself.

The noose is too tight, and the water's too shallow.

Even though I'm not there, stay with my memory.

Live with my imperfect messages and pictures keeping you company because I cannot.

You are too young to leave this world and come join me.

Don't wish for it, it hurts.

It hurts.

It hurts to see you like this.

The cliff is closed off.

You don't want to fly, it's scary.

Didn't you say you were afraid of heights?

Please, don't slice your skin.

You are too beautiful to be smeared with blood.

Wipe your tears, I'm still here.

I can barely touch you.

Though I can't feel you, can you?

Like the wind sending shivers down your spine.

I'm here, I scream for you to hear.

As the sun goes down, I tear as well.

I live at night, I exist within the shadows of the past.

Can you feel me?

Can you feel me kiss your scars goodnight?

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