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Small and pretty butterflies flew by, as if in a daze. The purple ones decorating my body seemed lifeless.


by agapik9

A black butterfly flew by, my body seemed to tense.

It wasn't until now that I was afraid of butterflies coming near me.

The black butterfly kissed my skin, a bit too violently,

Giving birth to many other purple ones. Is it only me?

Is it only me that is suffering?

It hurts, I don't want to be kissed by the shadows. Don't touch me with your claws, don't scratch my skin.

It hurts.

Where did your love go? Where did your soft kisses go? You spread your grey wings that became black and left.

Who are you?

Tell me. Talk to me. Kiss me, touch me, I will endure the pain.

The silence of the night is deafening.

Hold me close to you again.

Hold us close.

Me and my purple butterflies that you gave birth to.

You know the child within me longs for you.

It already wants to come out to meet you. Stop little one, it's not yet time.

Red butterflies.

Red butteflies scatter across the floor. They don't seem to end. I'm in pain.

Oh, my dear baby. Why are you flying away?

My hands clutch my stomach as I gasp for air. You are killing me, continuing to give birth to more purple butterflies.

You are screaming, calling me bad words.

Hey, honey. Don't swear. Our baby is listening, scattered in the floor, in little red butterflies.

Hey, honey. What did I do?

I always loved you, and wanted to make you happy.

Won't you end our life in an instant?

I can't bear the pain anymore.

Take your butterflies and leave.

The red butterflies made of blood, that is our baby. The purple ones all over my body, and the black ones that make up you.

A white one flies by.

Is it an angel, finally here to take us home?

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agapik9Gifted WriterGreek Girl / Also on Wattpad
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@damn @bernardtwindwil @pluzoo thank you all for your great words!

7 months agoReply
Your writing is amazing!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
Wow this was painfully articulate. I loved the metaphor of butterflies and the allusion to pain. This was well thought out and well written. Your descriptive verses were exquisitely beautiful. The images you fluttered to the reader on the wings of butterflies were like holograms in writing. Great post!!!

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