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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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It was at midnight that she would remember him and cry


by agapik9

A piano melody shatters the silence of the night.

It is midnight, the time the ghosts of the past wander around in the land of the present.

I had almost forgotten about you.

My heart had almost healed.

But when I heard Moonlight Sonata, I remembered.

I remembered that this was a melody I didn't want to hear.

And your ghost found me.

I knew I wasn't hidden well.

I don't want to remember.

Go away and take our memories with you.

Because it hurts so badly.

My heart is shattered in a million pieces, my tears crush on the pavement.

Allow me to forget you.

Allow me to forget your death.

Allow me to forget how you called me sunshine.

And I always said that sunshines aren't depressed.

And as I pour my soul into this poem.

I hope your ghost is somewhere out there... I hope he tells you this...

That the girl you called sunshine, will cry and scream.

And die, like you did.

You told me you had attempted suicide before.

Have you got any idea how much I cried myself at sleep that night?

You said you had tried to drown yourself.

Isn't that a painful death?

And I know this time you didn't fail.

This time you went away.

This time you hanged yourself.

And I felt a ghost pain.

I knew you were dead before they even told me.

Because memories link us together, and I feel you in my soul.

Don't worry, my little snowflake.

I am coming to meet you soon.

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