Just a tiny bit of light
Just a tiny bit of light agape stories

agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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I'm still here... Well, my memories are.

Just a tiny bit of light

by agapik9

The cicadas' cries are deafening.

...To the humans, that is.

I...I have ceased to exist.

I am no longer human...Nor dead.

And, hey!

Don't you dare call me a ghost!

I am more like a materialization of a girl's memories.

She had such a strong will to live, that when she died, her 'sense of self' remained here.

You guessed it.

I am her memories. Because our memories are just our 'sense of self'.

Weird isn't it?

How our memories could create another person?

It is...So, so weird.

...And so, so sad.

I do and don't exist.

Isn't that sad?

I'm trapped, trapped forever.

And I'm so alone...

I get scared sometimes... When I do, I wander away.

Yeah, just like a ghost. Just like the wind blowing.

And I go to him.

The man that was so important to her when she was alive.

The first time I saw him, I felt perplexed.

How...? Why...?

One question circulated my...Well, 'consciousness'.

Just for how long has my real self been dead?

The 'boy' then, had become a middle aged man now.

He had a family, a wife and two kids.

One of it had my name.

His wife was pregnant again.

I could tell, I could tell so clearly...

I could tell that he would think about me ever so slightly when he slowly rubbed that woman's tummy.

When she kissed her slowly, down her neck.

On her lips. On her hands. Eveywhere.

When they would slowly dance to a distant music.

...BUt then, there was a 'sense of self' of him too.

Lingering in the air around me.

He was too, haunted by my ghost.

Our memories intertwined in a slow dance.

One, that finally made me disappear.

Our wish has been fulfilled, Agape.

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