Hospital Conversations

agapik9Greek Girl / Also on Wattpad
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A conversation between two people in the hospital.

Hospital Conversations

by agapik9 Full (short) story available on Wattpad ( @AgapiK9)

She was paralyzed

A drunken driver ran over her

He commited suicide, and failed

He was found in a pool of his own blood

They met one day in the hospital yard

She was under a tree, looking lovingly at the bright blue sky, somewhere in the distance. He just wanted to escape his boring daily life, so he talked to her with a smile.

It became a habit to meet there everyday.

They couldn't talk for a long time, but they both treasured their conversations.

One day she seemed pretty sad

She was on the verge of tears, he thought when he saw her.

He saw the margaritas that blossomed next to her

He decided to give her some. They were so pure, just like her.

"Hello again" He said softly

He started playing with the margaritas on his hands

"Spring is a ruthless season"

She whispered with a faraway look in her eyes

"Why is that?"

He asked her, curious to hear her answer.

"Everything is blooming, everything is alive..." She shouted

"... but I am here unable to move... How can the earth be so happy when I am like this... " She whispered the other part.

"That's a pretty selfish way to put it, isn't it?"

He crashed the margaritas in his hands. Why should we be here like this?, He thought.

"Have you once known anybody who is not selfish?"

She chuckled and a tear rolled down her cheek.

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nicholasjamezInsrt pretentious crap about myself here
8 months agoReply

agapik9Gifted WriterGreek Girl / Also on Wattpad
8 months agoReply
@row @tango thank uou all for your kind words! Plus, I don't have a trick with dialogues, I just write them :P But hospital conversations has probably one of the best if not the best dialogue I have ever written :')

8 months agoReply
what's your trick with dialogue? you do it so well. i can never get it right!

tangoBronze Commalet's TANGO!!!
8 months agoReply
i love this!!

agapik9Gifted WriterGreek Girl / Also on Wattpad
8 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil @shana @jeremiah thank you all for your kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
I enjoyed the premise and the set-up. You sank the hook with the explanation of why they were there at the hospital. Great story!!!

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
8 months agoReply
really impressive work!

8 months agoReply
such a beauty captured in this short dialogue. great job

agapik9Gifted WriterGreek Girl / Also on Wattpad
8 months agoReply
@penny thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

pennySilver CommaI live for life
8 months agoReply
huh this is such a deep conversation. the margarita is such a great symbol