Glass Hearts
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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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Because glass hearts need time to heal once broken, and even more time to love when unloved.

Glass Hearts

by agapik9

How can I even begin our story?

There are so many things I want to say, so many things I want to forget...So many things I want to keep for only myself to look back and smile through tears.

I guess I will start from that day...

Yes, that's the best way to say your story.

It was after school, you said you wanted to hang out.

No, this is not the way we became friends... This is the end.

You took me to the roof of a huge building...

You knew I was afraid of heights, but you told me to trust you. When I asked why, you said something bizarre. Oh, how I wish I could forget.

You said, that one day you would become an angel and fly.

I thought you were kidding at first...

But then I realized you were crying.

You begged for forgiveness. Not from me... But somebody else. And then you jumped.

It was as if your tears were floating in the air.

The air was cold, it breathed down on you and whispered something I could not hear.

Then nothingness. No more tears.

I saw your body broken, your limbs twisted as you lay in a pool of blood.

Everybody screamed, I did too.

In an inaudible voice I screamed for you to come back. To not leave me alone. I am drowning, in a dark sea.

My tears crushed down on you, as the sun set.

I screamed and screamed...But you never came back.

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