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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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Imagined a life for us, but it's all gone now, just a little dream.

For him

We promised each other we would meet again in 20 years.

Before I fell asleep that night, and a little bit after saying goodnight to him, my mind raced to the future.

He, himself, had also mentioned that what I had said, that stupid promise we made, made his thoughts unravel, and made him dream and lose himself in an everlasting shadow of the future.

I imagined him and I waking up next to each other, and because it was cold that night, our bodies were tangled, my fingertips brushing his soft hair, his hands burning my back.

A small kitty jumping on top of us, meowing to eat her breakfast and both of us laughing and getting up to eat before we leave for our jobs.

I imagined thinking about him while I go on about my day, and when it's over, me running to the nearest coffee shop to get him a hot black coffee,

then running back to our home to hand it to him while it's still warm.

I fell asleep.

I dreamt of butterfly kisses on my cheeks and lips and tight hugs on a black sofa, while a movie we had barely watched ended,

the credits rolling while we left heated kisses on each others' skins.

I dreamt of sleeping with his hand around me, keeping me close and safe from any nightmare that dared made its way inside my dreams.

I dream of a lifetime with him, everyday with someone I love.

And then, I woke up.

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