Evanescent ephemeral stories

agapik9Greek Girl / Also on Wattpad
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by agapik9

You were ephemeral, evanescent.

Like the winter, here, in Greece, you didn't last long.

You were gone before I even hugged you.

I wanted to hug you so badly, feel your warmth against my skin, hear your heart beat.

I miss you, a lot.

Our late night conversations, your sweet words that echoed in the silence of the night.

Like a buttefly, you left.

Your wings half-broken, you didn't want to stay here until you healed.

Such stubborness, such sadness.

My little black and white butterfly, you won't survive.

I see you sometimes in my dreams.

You are far away, like a mirage you disappear.

And I wake up crying, without knowing why.

Most of the times I cannot remember what I dreamt.

You are ephemeral, you don't stay long.

Like the evanescent light, you dissolve.

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