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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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Cause I'm the happiest when I breathe the same air as you.


by agapik9

I'm the happiest when you are smiling.

I can't help but notice the sparkle in your eyes.

Don't say that brown is a boring color.

It's not. It's the one that hides the most galaxies within it.

I know, trust me. After all your eyes are brown.

Trust me, they hold the universe in them.

A beautiful universe, I would give anything...

Anything to preserve it.

I'm the happiest when I look into your eyes.

And when I don't I truly feel like I'm going to die.

Such diamonds, they hold in them.

Such smiling eyes, so beautiful.

You're the happiest when you smile.

I'm the happiest when I look at you from afar, but can still clearly make out every tiny detail of your eyes.

Because I am not with you, and you are not with me.

And we will never be.

But I'm happy as long as you are.

And when you occassionally smile at me, I will know that you are blessed with someone who you love and loves you back.

Because I love you, but you don't.

I can see your eyes smiling. Such euphoria. You are shining like the morning sky.

I love you.

I'm the happiest when I'm being honest with myself.

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