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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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Eternity is alive, and with it we are too.


by agapik9

A silver moon shines behind a thick veil of grey clouds.

The night is passing by. It doesn't wait for me, time never stops.

I wish time would just cease to exist.

If it did, we would live in an eternity, a beautiful shadow.

Red flames intertwine with the wind, the river, the sky.

They are everywhere, filling my field of vision.

Burn me, burn us to the ground.

The ashes will be beautiful, I swear.

I just know, my spirit...Our spirits, our souls know.

They know that ashes are more beautiful than fire.

Because fire may combine a million colors,

all of them shades of red,

but this fire fiercely burning, will bring forth destruction

while ashes, though they are grey, lifeless...

They are pretty, alive...

They hold our hopes, our dreams.

The fire is alive.

The ashes are alive.

We are alive...

Our souls are alive.

For all eternity....

Until eternity ceases to exist.

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