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A Cryaotic fanfiction.


Please, forget me. Those had been her last words. Those were the words that kept him up at night, those were the words that made him remember. The memories came flooding once those words were spoken, drowning him, suffocating him.

The young man clad in black seemed to stare into nothingness, sitting down at the very edge of the cliff. In his eyes, that silent wind was his savior, something he would defy in order to reach that tiny ghost of the smiling girl that was floating just before him. She looked like an angel, and she would be if she were not just a fleeting fantasy of his shattered mind.

The girl was beautiful. Her chocolate skin and black curls conflicted nicely with her white dress that reached just above her ankles, swayed by the wind. She was the absolute opposite of the man. His white hair danced with the wind, mostly hiding his face that was almost as white as his hair.

He certainly seemed like a ghost, but ghosts are supposed to be wearing white and not black. If asked, he would answer he was not one of the nice ones, the angels, but a devil reincarnated.

The man outstretched his arm, his fingertips reaching out to touch her. He would have if not for that sudden piercing pain inside his head that made him place both his hands on top of it, pressuring it, as if trying to crush it. He closed his eyes tightly, until it went away. When he opened them again, seconds later, the girl was gone.

"Of course she would be gone." He muttered and with a jolt he got up. He traced the rough terrain of the ground with his fingertips, not caring that he scratched them and without glancing behind him a second time, he started to ascend down the mountain.

He ignored the wooden tombstone out of fear, fear that he would not be able to hold back his tears that had been welling up in his eyes. The wooden piece had the name 'Chloe' engraved on it and all around it were scattered wilted flower petals and the stems of them lay barenext to them. All of them seemed to be the same flower; a lily.

It had started to grow dark, the sky from a peaceful blue had grown into a turmoiled grey. It was just about to rain. The young man went down the treacherous path quickly, stumbling here and there from the still stones and the blurriness of his eyes.

He had a sudden urge to run, run away from everything. Run away from the tombstone he had made, the flowers, Chloe and all the memories that seemed to come flooding back with even the tiniest thought of her. He wanted to run from his own self.

The forest all around him seemed to close in on him like noose. The bare trees, with the carpets of leaves, wanted to suffocate him by depressing his neck with their roots, circle around it and break it before he had the chance to think of Chloe one last time. Thinking about her fueled him; she was his lifeline, but he wasn't hers; he had never been and he never would be.

Chloe was dead; she would never smile or laugh again, never eat those delicious chocolate muffins she so loved again. She would never breathe again. He would never feel her warm body against his skin again. She would never call him Cry again. She would never exist again. She was gone and so was he. What is a person without their soul after all? Just an empty shell.

Cry tripped down a rock and fell. The bed of orange and yellow fallen leaves caught him in their embrace. Sparkly tears ran down his cheeks and a piercing scream echoed around the forest. His throat was dry. His ears were buzzing. His head was light. Everything was spinning around him. Her voice was all he heard.

She had been dead for half a year and Cry had been thinking of her every millisecond of every single day. He punched the ground with his fist, screaming louder like a wounded animal. He needed her and she had gone and died.

There was not a day that he hadn't been consumed by his guilt and the worst thought of them all; I killed her. Cry had been breaking down bit by bit every second that ticked by and it was obvious to everyone. He would not eat unless pressured, he would not go back home, he would not speak.

He would spend his days on that cliff, where he had last seen her in hopes that her ghost, that beautiful angel, would take him away with her, and just spend some moments with him until he crumbled to hell. Because those few seconds he would pass with her would be his eternity. And right now he was in need of an eternity, the largest infinity there existed.

A droplet of rain mixed with Cry's tears and then another and another, until it started pouring. Cry did not move at all, he did not even flinch. His white hair stuck to his face, his black t-shirt clung to his body. It was hard to see; his pitch black eyes darted around the dark forest until they noticed a half-transparent figure standing before him.

Was this how death looked like? If so, he would welcome him. The black cloud inched closer to Cry who remained still and suddenly extended his 'hand', touching Cry's heart, clutching it. Cry gasped for air, desperate for even the tiniest release of the excrutiating pain. There was nothing. I do not want to die like this.

He thought in agony, his heart racing. He tried to shout, but no voice came out of his hoarse throat. He didn't want to die like that, he wanted to live what she had; he wanted to fly and feel the wind pass right through him. He needed to experience the sensation of falling, until he reached the ground, his limbs broken and shattered, while his soul continued to fly until it reached hers in the end of the horizon.

He wanted to dance with her soul a sorrowful waltz under the beautiful melody of the rain hitting the ground and the leaves, and the butterflies flapping their broken wings. Cry could no longer hold on. He needed to close his eyes, and he did. ***

When many clocks tick together it sounds like they whisper ancient words directly into your numb ears. You do not understand it, but they do. When you sleep and your senses are numb those awake are who experience a rare form of magic. The clocks that night ticked backwards.

Cry awoke to a whirlwind of emotions; fear, grief, turmoil, sadness, anger and guilt. He thought back to the black mass that had almost killed him and sighed relieved. He rubbed his eyes that felt swollen and looked around him. He had thought he would find himself on the bed of fallen autumn leaves, damp from the rain and with a ghost pain tormenting his heart, but he was wrong.

Instead, he was in the usual cliff, his back on a large tree that was just beginning to grow his leaves. There was no tombstone next to him or scattered flower petals. In front of him stood a lean figure, one of a girl that was looking towards the endless horizon sliced by the dark naked branches of the forest’s trees.

“Ah, you are awake.” The girl said and turned around. Her usually cheerful voice was now soft and low. She had her arms behind her back and was smiling at Cry.

“Chloe?” Cry asked and got up slowly, afraid that if he does any sudden movements or looks away she will disappear, like before. Chloe smiled, her dark complexion shining underneath the silver moon. It was not full yet, but isn’t that better? A full moon has no magic, nothing to hide. Magic is hidden in the darkness, not light, that’s why most people cannot see it or experience it. They prefer the light over darkness.

“Is that really you?” Cry inched closer to the girl, mesmerized by her presence. He extended his arm towards her but she flinched away

“Don’t do this to yourself, okay?” She said and ran to the edge of the cliff looking up at the sky.

“Look how beautiful it is!” She exclaimed and pointed towards it. Her eyes were shining. All the stars of the sky were inside them, making them shine like beautiful diamonds. Cry found himself looking as well, tears cascading down his cheeks by the beauty he experienced.

“They are like pretty crystals fixated to sky. Once in a while they fall down… Like that one!” She laughed lowly and closed her eyes at the sight of a star falling.

“It does not die Cry. It just goes to another sky to make it more beautiful.” Chloe said and stepped to the edge of the cliff. She gulped down at the sight of the trees below her.

“If you run around they are like small fireflies following you, aren’t they?” Chloe choked out. She placed on hand above her mouth, so she could hold back her tears.

“Cry… Don’t forget me, okay?” Chloe said and with a slight jump she let herself fly to the bottom of the cliff.

She disappeared along with the fallen star…

Or maybe she had been the fallen star all along.

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