A Star Discovery
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Make sure you leave smaller stars behind..

A Star Discovery

He was sitting on the grass listening to music when I ran toward him and sat next to him. He took his earpods out and looked at me with a huge smile "Hey babe." Then he kissed me on the forehead. "Hey honey." I replied.

"So what's with that sparkle in your eyes? I'm pretty sure it's not just because of seeing me." He raised an eyebrow. I laughed "I just made a discovery." I said with excitement.

"Oh really what is it this time?" The way he always showed eagerness toward my never dying need for knowledge was one of the reasons I couldn't think of a better partner in my life.

"Well I just found out that the most massive stars are the shortest lived." "Wow. Really?" he said with amusement. He paused for a moment then continued "So then the more magnificent they are the less time they have to present their glory?"

"Yeah, I guess. That's not really fair though." I frowned. "Maybe; or maybe it just gives them the motive to shine brightest during the time they have. Put out everything they've got in store." He smiled sheepishly.

"Hmm.. but wouldn't it be better if the world could use their brightness longer instead of the smaller ones?" I put my head on his shoulder as I asked. "Well then that would be unfair to the smaller stars, cupcake." He was starting to play with my hair.

"If all the world ever looked up to was the massive stars, then we'd be deprived of the unique brightness of the others. Not that the stars really care about it though-." He chuckled. "But they would never get a chance to be seen if the massive ones lived longer" he turned his head to look into my eyes.

I gazed into those starry eyes as I said "Shine brightest even if it lasts for a day." He locked his fingers with mine then added."And if your last day came, make sure you leave smaller stars behind."

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