Africa, I will come home...
Africa, I will come home... world stories

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An ode to Africa..

Africa, I will come home...

Dear Africa,

Don't change. You see I was born on your soil, I grew up with your thorns in my feet, and your sun on my face.

I have seen a people who have been exploited, a people who have made their own way in life. Who despite everything being taken from them they continue to give with open arms.

I have seen a people who truly care for each other, a people who work hard to make the most out of their lives. A people who respect nature and respect the earth beneath their feet.

These, these are my people.

You see my dear Africa, I left. I left in search of opportunity, in search of the capitalist dream.

In search of a good education, in search of a job, in the hopes of a "prosperous future", but that is not what I have found.

I have found a monocultural world, a world where life is easy, a lonely world where each only looks after themself, where people operate like robots,

where people sell the hours in their day to buy cheap thrills, where they think they are "developed", that they are advanced, that they have it all figured out.

This is a lonely place, a place fit for no man or woman. A place of sadness, loneliness and harsh conditions.

Where you are truly free if you follow the rules, where there is a rule for everything except humanity.

For the robots they have become have lost their humanity along with their traditions and cultures.

I now sit alone, longing to return, counting down the days when I can return to feel the robust African soil beneath my feet, to see the smile on another human face,

to just greet a stranger on the street and be greeted back.

You see Africa, I can return anytime, I am free to do so, but you taught me to be better than that, you Mama Africa taught me to follow my dreams, to work hard, and to never give up.

So I am here, I am here to learn what mistakes we should not make, I am here to educate the rest of the world to leave Africa to her own ways,

to return and teach Africa to stop looking up to the West to teach Africa that happiness is in her soul, that beauty is in her people, that wealth is in her soil.

Til I return...

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