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“Migan please don’t…please stay with me. I can’t do it. I need you to be beside me. I will make sure to get your revenge for till I let out my last breath I promise to be yours and only yours- truly. I love you” I managed to say in between heavy sobs. I never knew I would end up confessing when he would be living his last moments.
Ideas adapted from Arthdal Chronicles


Nothing could have prepared me for what I had to do next. There he was lying in front of me-still. He was bleeding profusely; coughing blood and body painted red. It was too late for me...

As I approached him, my eyes met his dark green eyes whose depth was unfathomable. It seemed as if by his eyes he was telling me to survive alone and fight them. He was in no state to talk.

"Migan please don't...please stay with me. I can't do it. I need you to be beside me.

I will make sure to get your revenge for till I let out my last breath I promise to be yours and only yours- truly. I love you" I managed to say in between heavy sobs.

I never knew I would end up confessing when he would be living his last moments.

Soon he was smiling at me; showing his perfectly carved red teeth as tears cascaded down his defined jaw and he closed his eyes slowly...forever.

That was the last time I saw his beautiful and mesmerizing eyes and lips which I have yearned to kiss every day. And I knew I would never hear him talk let alone make him mine.

My wobbly legs finally decided to give in and I stumbled upon the ground; tears flowing like a river uncontrollably.

My eyes filled with rage and vengeance because of the betrayal of our only human friend- Tealha.


It has been one year since we lost our way back and have been dwelling on earth. At first, it was hard for us to shapeshift into humans but with practice we were able to do it.

Being Neanthals it was difficult for both Migan and I to control our heavenly and powerful powers so adjusting with the human lives was troublesome.

Sometimes we would climb the stairs so fast that our neighbors were left dumbfounded.

Also once when Migan almost ended up in jail because of hitting a thief so hard that he had to be hospitalized for months.

So we decided not to use our powers on humans unless extremely necessary in order to avoid disrupting the flow of universe.

Besides, we haven't had any issues with adjusting to the modern technology as our world wasn't any different from it.


till now our main objective while living here has been to look for 'Sadaq'- a heavenly stone which we lost on our way here and something that could only take us back to our Neanthal world,

namely- Neandus.

In the course of time, we had managed to instantly pick up the human traits.

Since childhood every Neanthal was always taught not to interfere with the humans or connect with them in any way as everyone believed they were capable of destroying us- the

more powerful beings. However, gradually, they seemed extremely merciful and trustworthy to us.

After a few months, Migan confessed that he fell in love with a human girl whom he desperately wanted to marry.

Point to be noted- Neanthals are extremely loyal to the ones they love and once they give their heart out to somebody it's impossible to undo that. Just like what I had done.

Migan and I had grown up together and have always been best friends. Unlike me who wanted more out of our relationship, he had always seen me as a sister.

Once we also tried to kiss each other but Migan claimed he felt nothing towards me. Hence I never tried to confess either.

And today when he wanted to marry someone else even though my heart felt like daggers were thrown at me, I was still happy that he found someone he wanted to be with.

Guilty to say but by then we had been completely swayed away from our objective. Life was going smoothly and despite multiple attempts we failed to obtain the 'Sadaq'.

Most importantly, even though we both knew the consequences of a human mating with a Neanthal and that it was forbidden to bring an Igutu to the exposed world,

we still went on with Migan's marriage with Tealha; risking our true identities.

Months had passed and Migan and Tealha's love grew stronger- or I guess I was wrong. Soon she conceived a baby which had many similarities- ones which Tealha referred to as disabilities.

However, it was only showing signs of an Igutu day by day- a being that was half-human and half- Neanthal. And just like Neanthals, Igutu can also be killed only by fire.

Slowly, as a consequence of having sex with a human for years, Migan was gradually losing his abilities and powers as a Neanthal.

And then something happened which none of us could ever imagine- Migan was turning into a human!

However, he still possessed some of his powers which he had to constantly practice in order to not turn into a human completely.

Nevertheless, it was difficult for him to execute without Tealha noticing it; given the fact they were living under the same roof.

Finally, the time had come to disclose the truth to Tealha-little did we know how the situation would turn out to be.

"Stop making such pathetic jokes, hon! Oh my god, like seriously, Mig? How do you expect me to fall for your childish remark?" She couldn't seem to stop laughing as she rocked Himar's cradle.

But our faces were quite serious. Her eyes flinched when she she saw the sincerity in our words.

Thus, in order to make her believe I did the most foolish thing- maybe it was better if she hadn't believed us. I shapeshifted into Neanthal my actual form.

She was petrified seeing something so unnatural. And she showed what humans are really like. She started packing Migan's bags.

"Get out of my house instantly-you filthy beings!" She threw his belongings out and pushed us out of her apartment; creating a ruckus.

She handed Himar to Migan, "Why should I take care of your nasty child. I don't want to see you guys lurking around me anymore." She shut the door on our faces.

We were all shocked by what had happened in such a quick span of time. I saw Migan's eyes filled with: hatred and betrayal. She had broken our trust.

Migan said with rage, "We have been living together for years. Shouldn't she trust me enough to know I would never hurt her? After all, I love her Saira. I love her.

" I didn't know how I was supposed to console him. I never expected her to do this to Migan at least: especially her own child.

How could she abandon her own child like that? Everything we heard about humans was authentic.

We spent the following day in motel. It was hard taking care of a month old baby in such poor conditions. I had to breastfeed the poor child.

It was believed that if an Igutu was breastfed by a Neanthal it would create an eternal bond between them.

I knew that now on would be there to take care of Himar and I had to protect him at all cost; being a God Mother to him.

To our shock, news had been circulating all around TVs and social media about unknown wild creatures attacking the earth. Moreover, a video had been posted...

showing me transforming into a Neanthal. " could she do that?" Migan's disbelief turned into anger but his love would never fade away. "I will deal with her." I claimed.

Apparently, she informed the National Forensic Service(NFS) about us and soldiers had been deployed all over the city to kill us on spot. Now the real hunt began.

However, we knew it was impossible to return to Neandus without 'Sadaq'. We ran into the dark forest which had a cave when we first came here but now it was nowhere to be seen.

Somehow, we were caught on the CCTV cameras as our faces had been all exposed by HER. Soldiers surrounded the entire forest and told to surrender immediately.

However, we couldn't let us get caught to be used as mere objects to do science experiments on. I ran quickly to hid Himar under some bushes while Migan distracted them.

"We have to transform immediately. We need to fight back." "No, Saira. It's dangerous." "Then can you ensure our safety without fighting back? It's too late to turn back Migan.

" We shared a look of pity to each other. I arouse into my original self and screamed with rage. Every face was engulfed with fear now. As I looked next to me, Migan was there standing still.

"I can't transform!" "No. No! It can't happen. Why now?" I knew the consequence. Just then bullets were fired and arrows shot. They were nothing more than small pricks for me.

But for Migan- bullets were pierced into his bloody body and stream of blood started flowing. Red blood! Neanthals are blue blooded creatures. He had finally turned into a human.

And I had failed to protect my love.


I finished the soldiers all at once. I was uncontrollable today and nothing could defeat me. I didn't think any further but just kept pulling out each of their hearts until I saw a spark afar.

I knew what that meant. No one else except Tealha knew that fire was our only weakness. We can't survive it.

I felt hopeless but I couldn't let bloody humans win and let Migan's death go in vain. I can't die before exacting his revenge. My revenge! The fire spread throughout the entire area.

All the soldiers had backed off. Immediately, I rushed towards the bush and tied Himar around me. Fired engulfed me and I kept burning and my screams seemed like a melody to the humans.

They screamed in victory thinking I was dead. "I AM UNDEFEATABLE!"

But I survived. A bright green light sparked through and the majestic and heavenly 'Sadaq' approached me and in a fraction of a second pierced into my heart.

All of a sudden I opened my eyes to see the red sky. I had safely returned to Neandus.

I immediately turned my head and was relieved when I saw poor Himar, innocently sleeping on the grass inside a basket. It was time for our hunt to begin- attack on Earth by Neanthals.

Each and every Neanthal swore upon our 'Sadaq' to destroy mankind with our biggest weapon- Himar; the only Igutu alive and capable of bringing misfortune and destruction of an entire nation.

I will raise Himar now to become the most powerful of the entire universe and make humans regret their deeds. "I am coming for you, Tealha!"

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