The True Story Of Peter Pan
The True Story Of Peter Pan peter-pan stories

afoxnamedjake my name is not jake; call me Angel
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This is all fiction, i just had a weird dream about this. Have fun with it.

The True Story Of Peter Pan

Hello. My name is Wyatt. I used to be a lost boy. Here Is the true story of the beloved peter pan.

Peter was a good man. He helped children in their time of need, to go to a place where there are no troubles. Everyone adored him. He saved us, so we listened to our courageous leader. Pan was not evil like the rumors say. He was pure. Pure and charming. Pan was a savoir. Wendy, however...

"Wasn't Windy the ideal child? Pure, obedient, and trustworthy?" … You're kidding, right? Wendy was the complete opposite! She never listened to anyone, her family was scared of her! And trustworthy? You'd be better off trusting the devil!

Wendy tricked Peter in order to come here. He arrived with her and she took over. First, she was his queen. Then, he was her slave. He was under some sort of spell. He saw her as an angel when she had the soul of Satan. Wendy ordered him around. "Fetch me this. Get me that! Clean this!" He would listen right away.

Eventually she ordered us, too. We listened because Peter told us to listen to her. We had followed Peter's commands for years, but this was the first time we wanted to tell him no. But we still listened. We cleaned, we cooked, we never slept. Peter, one day, did the one thing he swore to never do. He gave away the pixie dust.

The pixie dust! The most powerful thing on the island! The one thing that controls all. She commanded us until she was bored of us. And if we refused, she would kill us. Eventually some of us decided we'd rather be dead than sit through this. We disobeyed one by one. And we died. One by one.

One day, as another boy disobeyed, and she immediately reached for the pixie dust, she saw the desperate look in his eyes. She sat back down and pondered for a second. "Why do you want to die?" She asked, calmly. "What do you mean? Just kill me!" He shouted. He grabbed her dress and ripped the bottom lace off. She stared at it and looked at him once more.

"Have you all been just trying to die?" She asked, looking around at us all. We didn't know what to do. She figured it out. We all raced to her and started ripping her dress and trashing her throne and ripping out her hair. She stood their, surprised. Peter yelled "Stop!" and we froze.

One of the boys named Duncan turned to Pan and said "Are you kidding me? She is the epitomy of evil and you cannot see it because you are under her spell." Pan froze for a second. "Evil? Spell? She is an angel of which I have fallen in love with. I am in love, not a spell." Wendy laughed at us as we went back to work. "Wyatt." She said. "Come here and paint my nails."

I walked over slowly and, unfortunately for her, I had grabbed her pixie dust. With one wish and a toss, she was gone.

Of course, Peter was furious. He cried and yelled for almost a year straight. But it was for the best.

We were kicked out of Neverland because of it. Peter still lives there to this day. And we live amongst everyone else.

So no, Peter Pan was never evil. And no, Wendy is not a true "Darling".

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