The Disappearance of Lilly and Sal
The Disappearance of Lilly and Sal halloween2020 stories

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Lilly and Sal, go missing.
What happened to them?

The Disappearance of Lilly and Sal

Lilly and Sal were brother and sister, that went missing on Halloween

Some say Sal killed Lilly out of jealousy

But some say, they went to the house at the top of the hill and never came back

Some say they went rouge

Some say that their parents killed them

Some say that their boyfriend and girlfriend killed them

But me, I say they were hunted and driven crazy, by the ghost in the house on top of the hill

But we both could be wrong

They both could have killed each other

One thinks they were in love with each other, and ran off together

But nobody spoke the actual truth that they both were

DEAD, killed by the ghosts of Death Hill

And now Lilly and Sal hunt Death Hill looking for new prey each night

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