GX3 Pro Series Carry Bag
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GX3 Pro Series Carry Bag

by Grit Inc

The perfect team hockey bag

Keeping the tradition of carry hockey bags while infusing innovative concepts and design.

Innovative features like side panels that Air Dry

Made from durable mesh materials, the side panels allow for the flow of air through the bag, thus allowing you gear to dry faster.

The removable divider assembly & high-vis baseliner​

Imagine a bag that does more than just holding your gear. It makes it easier to see where everything is while also providing a liner that illuminates the inside of the bag .

Your gear stays organized

Stay organized with our removable divider assembly; you will be able to see everything clearly. No more fishing to the bottom of the bag to find your hockey tape of even gloves

Where can you buy the GX3 Pro Series Carry Bag?

Canada: http://www.gritinc.net/canada/hockey-baseball/retailers-canada.html USA: http://www.gritinc.net/us/hockey-baseball/retailers-usa.html


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