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Somehing that'll always be out of reach


London is the next door neighbor who has a tall fence surrounding his mind and never lets anyone in

London is my favorite fairy tale book since I was in elementary school and the question I never knew the answer to

London is the dream hanging on the sky, he becomes a target of every shooting stars that pass you by in one lonely night in other words, London is either too high or too shaky to hold on too

London tastes like the best looking dessert you've never tried

sometimes he smells like a certain perfume you accidentally came across once in a while and made you feel nostalgic

sometimes he smells like hope

he is only 4 hours drive away but the brake is missing every time and somehow, I always find it on the edge of my courage with my heart stepping on the handle as if it was a matter of life and death

so I leave the car behind and try to reach London by walking

it's supposed to take me only a day and a half but somehow, I always end up in the same spot every single time

turns out I've been walking in circle for years

London is the wound that made my body bleeding heartbreak

our hands are like magnets with the same pole, while his back has the opposite one it seems like God's trying to tell me that the only thing my eyes can touch is the back of his head

and it has been that way ever since

maybe London is just not the one maybe he's only a beautiful memory I once visited and a someday I wish to run into, one more time

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