I am home, and home is where I am
I am home, and home is where I am hope stories

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Take care of yourself, take care of others.

I am home, and home is where I am

I've only got one home but it is not the best. The paint is peeling The plants haven't been watered

The bathrooms are dirty and the fridge is a mess. I hear sounds of unwanted creatures, howling at night. And as much as I want to clean up this home

I just can't.

Why should this be so difficult? Why can't I do it? Why should I do this? I hate my home. I absolutely despise it.

And then one day a friend came over a day I did not intend And as he casually strolled through my home Taking in all its pitiful details

I expected him to judge, to react, to hate And yet, as he faced me with a genuine smile he said "It could take some cleaning, but underneath the grime this is a beautiful home"

From then on I did not hate my home And as I gave myself the strength to start tidying The creatures no longer came at night

And for that, I am eternally grateful for my friend For he recognised the potential, despite its disastrous state

And so, the next time I visit a friend's home, Especially those who do not have the strength or courage to clean I am reminded of his smile, and the quiet courage he gave me.

the potential of their own homes, and how beautiful they can be. and I tell them "your home may be messy as of now, but trust me"

"I believe in its potential, and II'l be with you every step of the way"

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