Why them and not me The series By:Aesthetickiss
        Why them and not me

                  The series

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Why them and not me The series By:Aesthetickiss

The ocean is my life. it has been,it still is,and it forever will be. No im not a mermaid. There not real. When i was little i used to imagine i was a mermaid though. Its weird i know, but im over that kid stuff now. I mean i am 16 now.

I got a little snow globe from my great grandma before she died. She got shot multiple times and i really miss her. She got me a snow globe with a dolphine because well, i love dolphines.

I was never really the boy type of teen. I always loved dolphines not gossip,boys,or anything else honestly. My bestie on the other side is opposite. She's all about that stuff. EXPECIALLY BOYS! She thinks sea creatures are slimy, but she's not wrong.

She only really went to a dolphine show once with me before. She said she only went because im her best friend, and there are plenty of boys there. One time one of the instructors looked her way for second, and she jumped in the water. She didn't know how to swim but he saved her. We got banned from that place.

She's an instagram model. And by model i mean...MODEL!

She models for clothes...



Lets just say i dress cutely. I mean i do dress very good but, im no model. Again thats not really my THANG. We have to do a project for school about our THANG, so im writing about dolphines.

I take good pictures! but im not a model type. And you cant blame me! i just dont like sharing pictures to people that much. I can be camera shy.

I had brown hair until... I let my bestie do my hair. She apparently accidentaly bleached it. So thats where i am today.

One day she took a picture of me and posted it. Everyone at school thought i was a model then. And trust me im not! One day she was mad at me though because...

Her crush A.K.A her guy best friend... Asked ME on a date! I had to tell him about her crush on him and...well...She doesn't like him anymore. End of the story. But me and him are friends in secret.

I had to babysit one day and this man came up to me, and took the baby. He started running then but. lets just say my secret friend caught up to him.

Heres a picture someone took of me and my bestie. She got a little cut out of the picture, and was mad, but she ignored it after time.

Yes i am a cheerleader for our school. Our school is called wpsd. I never really knew why but i just rool with it. our mascot is a lion. Ours school colors are just light dark blue and gold.

This was me, my bestie,this random girl, and the mascot from last year. I remember it still. She had glasses and couldn't really compete in some of the routines.

We always win every year. And by every year, i mean every year.

This is my moms cheer team from when she was little. She says she still remembers those days.

I dont know who's mascot it was, but it was really, really ugly.

I remember our whole football and cheer team had to wear more light colors. Trust me it was still worth it. Ok the thing is im kind of talking i think its called, to one of the players. So we are kind of dating. We call eachother diffrent couple names as a joke. Other people call us mrs.and mr.

His family owns these dplphines. He lets me play with the dolphines. There not fully trained yet so i get to train them sometimes. But thats all really about my life. Exept one more thing my dad died from getting shot and i can't stay with my mom because she is an achoholic.

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