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Jungkook, an exchange student from South Korea, moves to America... Y/N is a normal girl in high school living a pretty nice life...Jungkook, however, was Y/N's bully in middle school when she lived in Korea... But he has a big secret that he's hiding from her.


● ● Y/N's Pov● ●

Another day of school, or more like another day of hell... I get up out of bed and get out my phone, opening my text messages I see that I got spammed by my best friend, Jae-Eun...

I go to the bathroom, take a shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, and get dressed. Since I had a few minutes before I had to start walking to school, I called Jae Eun.

Ring Ring Ring

After some minutes, she didn't pick up, so I just opened the text messages... The first thing I saw was the two words, exchange students.

I got a bit more curious and scrolled up.

Y/N, I heard there's gonna be seven cute exchange students coming to our school tomorrow!!

One of them is named Hoseok, and Yoongi and yeah, that's all I remember.

But yeah... I hope you enjoy tomorrow dudette

The rest was a whole bunch of nonsense and it really doesn't matter but the names Hoseok and Yoongi sounded a little familiar but maybe it's just me being ridiculous

I got my backpack and some other things and was out the door. The way to school isn't that far, so I got there pretty fast...

I went to the high school and went to my locker, to get some books and other items for my first-period of the day, which was history.

While heading to class, I could hear my name being called over and over again but it was rather quiet

"Y/n, Y/n, Y/n"

I got a little scared so I quickened my pace, I felt a hand grab onto my shoulder, "Y/N!! I've been calling your name for some time now, are you becoming deaf?!"

I roll my eyes, "No Jae... But was it necessary to follow me like that?"

"Yes and some of the boys look kind familiar and it's kinda scary," She said as we started walking to history class

"True but maybe you're just overreacting Jae..."

"Yeah, I wish I was"


We both got to history class and sat down in our seats... We did our work and the usual until the teacher stopped what we we were doing

"Okay class, as you may have heard, there are seven exchange students from Korea that will be attending our school for the rest of the school year, isn't that exciting?!"

Some cared, some didn't, I was apart of the some that didn't while Jae was in the corner of the classroom, basically being a fangirl

The teacher glared at her and then continued, "They'll be here in ab-" There then was a knock on the door, the teacher smiled, "That must be them, be on your best behavior guys!"

I rolled my eyes and sighed, turning back to the book I was reading

"OMG" That was the only thing I heard other than girls talking about whatever was going on. I looked at Jae Eun and she pointed towards the door.

Looking back I saw seven boys walking inside the classroom, the teacher stood in front of them, I guess telling them to introduce themselves. They nodded and stood at the front.

Their introductions were pretty simple, so I guess that was good for me.

"I'm Namjoon"

"The name is Hoseok but you can call me J-Hope"

"I'm Tae Tae or V!!" He said doing a V shape with his fingers

"Your real name dude," said one of the otherss

"Oh okay, I'm Taehyung" I have to admit, that was pretty cute

"I'm Yoongi and I sleep alot.."

"I'm Jin, the most responsible."

"My name is Jimin but just call me Chim Chim"

"Okay, I'm Jungkook but a lot of people call me Kookie"

Once he said that his name was Jungkook and his nickname is Kookie, I felt like passing out...Well, the only reason I remember is because I gave him the nickname Kookie...

I remember when he would sing randomly or dance out of nowhere, it's just sad to the think that he made my life miserable in middle school.

I snapped out of my short but hurtful faze I was in but I had noticed that they were all sitting down now...

The Hoseok boy was next too Jae and the others were by some other people but I just couldn't find Jungkook...

I felt a little tug on my hair and turned around, and it was him, the devil, or his actual name, Jungkook...

"Were you looking for me?" He said with a smile


"Well, why not?" I turned to glare at him, "I'm pretty sure you're aware that you made my whole middle school year a living hell."

"Yeah, I know but this year will be a bit more different"

I looked at him with a confused look, "What do you mean by that?"

"We'll be more closer...I've haven't changed much though"

"I can tell already, go bother some other girl or boy, just don't bother me. I have other things to do than pick fights with you.."

"You mean lose fights but I'll be bothering you a lot now, just wait until our parents tell us what they've been hiding since before we were born"


"Shhhh," He said putting his finger up to my lips, I backed away slowy

"Just wait... Maybe you'll like me again"

"What do you mean?" Just then, the bell started to ring

"Welp, that's the bell.. See ya dudette!!" He said as he got up, rushing out of the first period

"God jesus" I mumbled to myself before getting up

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